<virtualport type='openvswitch'/> is NOT recognized

Phate asked:

In order to make my vm use the openvswitch interface I have to add the following lines to a vm xml config file:

<source bridge='ovsbr'/>
  <virtualport type='openvswitch'/>

I edit the file, anyway while the first line is corrctly saved, the second one is not.
It simply disappears, so I think the virtualport tag is not recognized…but this leads to an error when I start the virtual machine.

Has the xml specification changed? Or I do something wrong?
Here is the output of

virsh --version=long

Virsh command line tool of libvirt 0.9.8
See web site at http://libvirt.org/

 Compiled with support for:
 Hypervisors: Xen QEmu/KVM UML OpenVZ LXC Test
 Networking: Remote Daemon Network Bridging Nwfilter VirtualPort
 Storage: Dir Disk Filesystem SCSI Multipath iSCSI LVM
 Miscellaneous: AppArmor Secrets Debug Readline

My answer:

Open vSwitch support requires libvirt 0.9.11 or later. Your libvirt is too old.

To resolve the problem, upgrade your system.

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