Skip Secure Auth – MySQL 5.6.15

Marko Miljkovic asked:

I want to turn off secure auth, 50% Of our clients are having problems

Error: Connection using old (pre-4.1.1) authentication protocol
refused (client option ‘secure_auth’ enabled) (2049)

I tried to add to my.cnf


But with no luck, any help?
Is there any solution except changing clients database passwords, that would be a lot of job.
We are using MySQL 5.6.15

My answer:

The first problem is that (eventually) you need to identify everyone who has an old-style password and have them changed to a new-style password. Old passwords are not secure.

Now, for the immediate error, this is happening because the client has secure_auth set, but the user has an old password. In order to login with the old password, the client must disable secure_auth on the client side. How exactly you do this varies by which client you’re using.

Some other workarounds can be found in the MySQL documentation: Client does not support authentication protocol

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