exim on Amazon AMI via yum

bobobobo asked:

I’m having trouble figuring out yum, rpm, and exim4.

All I want to do is

yum install exim4

yum has been good to me in the past, smoothly fetching all packages and dependencies required to run the program I desire.

But not this time. exim4 wasn’t included in the amzn-main package apparently.

No package exim4 available.

Now I don’t want any fish. I want to learn how to use the dadgam yum fishing rod.

  • I don’t know where to get the command to install exim4 via yum.
  • I don’t know how to expand the places my Linux instance is looking (besides just amzn-main) to actually find the exim4 yum package
    • I don’t know whether it is safe to look in other places for packages for my ec2 instance other than amzn-main

My answer:

Amazon Linux doesn’t include exim in its packages at all. Use a different MTA.

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