opening website when redirecting to IP using A records

Vishal Kumar Singh asked:

I have created a website in Windows Azure..deployed it properly and configured custom domain for them . Every thing is working fine except when i am opening the website without www prefix it is showing problem.

Earlier i have not added A record in my DNS. I added it and in that A record i put the IP that is the public IP.

But now when i am opening the website without www it is redirecting to that ip but it shows page not found.

when i open using www my website opens.

my website is

Its public ip is

My answer:

You need to add two custom domains for your website in Windows Azure. You already added, now you need to add the same way, except this time you will use the A record that Microsoft gives you in your DNS instead of the CNAME. You also have to set up the special averify record for it.

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