Setup kerberos on windows 7

jpprade asked:

I am developping a java web application application for a client which use kerberos spnego to authenticate its user. Kerberos itself is “plugged” to a LDAP

They send me a documentation with what to put in my web.xml to get the authenticated user in my web apps.

But I would like to be able to test my configuration before sending my war in production.
I know nothing in kerberos.

Do you know if it is possible and how to install on my local host (windows 7 x64) a kerberos that allow me to test my application.

Something with fake user, fake group, fake permission.

Do you know some software or tutorial, something to start with ?

thanks !

My answer:

Active Directory, of course. Which is probably what’s in your production environment.

Set up a VM with a domain controller running Windows Server and a second VM with your web server, joined to the domain you just set up in the first VM. Get your license keys from your MSDN account.

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