Migrating Zabbix host to new server

GeneBean asked:

I am bringing up a new Zabbix 2.2.1 server and want to migrate my hosts to it one at a time. The kicker is that I also want to migrate their data (history & trends). The old and new servers are physically separate boxes but do have LAN connectivity so a migration process that includes exporting from one DB and importing to the other would work… just not sure about the particulars of making this work. Any tips? BTW, the old server is 2.0.x (always latest version) and MySQL is the backend.

My answer:

The last time I moved Zabbix (it was also a 1.8-2.0) I made the new server’s MySQL server a replication slave, waited for replication to finish, and then broke replication and stopped slave on the new server. Started up Zabbix, changed DNS entries, and voila.

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