curl succeeds on an https request, wget does not

Resorath asked:

When I run curl from the command line

curl ""

It succeeds immediately, returning the result of the request.

When I run the same wget command


It eventually times out with “Unable to establish SSL connection.” without any specific error message. It connects, but can’t do the SSL handshake. I tried with --no-check-certificate but that made no difference – it appears to be timeout related.



works fine (HTTP vs HTTPS).

This is also affecting the PHP’s “file() method call.

My question is, what would cause curl to succeed in retrieving a page (for all sites in our domain) but not wget or the php interpreter? This is a new issue over the weekend, the server was fine before.

(Operating system is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4)

My answer:

On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x and prior major versions, wget does not support Server Name Indication, which is required to correctly access a growing number of TLS/SSL secured web sites, quite possibly including yours. On the other hand, curl in RHEL 6 does support SNI.

Red Hat is aware of this issue and released a fix in RHEL 6.6. The issue is also fixed in RHEL 7.0.

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