How to find device in /dev

Hamed Afshar asked:

I have added a new virtual pci device to my debian6 VM (Virtual Machine).
I can see the device via “lspci” command, but I cannot find it in /dev.

Is it because it’s not installed properly or it needs additional drivers or I just can’t find the name?

lspci result:
00:08.0 Communication controller: Red Hat, Inc Virtio console

It works find in centos6, but I cannot find it in centos5 or debian6. (I have tested these OSes so far)

Any assistance would be appreciated.


My answer:

The virtio serial console should appear as /dev/hvc0, if you don’t have any other virtio serial ports defined for the virtual machine. If so, the number at the end for them may be something other than 0.

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