Should I touch nothing when I run production service server?

Eonil asked:

I am going to run my first public game service server later. And many people advise not to touch anything if it’s running well. I agree with them.

But one thing I am curious is, the security updates. Game servers are usually being attacked by many people – bad users. I don’t know what kind of attacks will come, and actually all what I know are just heard from other people, not actually I’ve experienced.

I think I have to install latest security update at least. But too many people are saying never though anything.

What should I do for security patches?

My answer:

You should never touch anything in production unless there’s a good reason to do so. Security updates are a very good reason. And as Iain mentions, testing beforehand helps you to ensure that nothing is likely to go wrong when you apply the updates to your production system.

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