DNS: supporting multiple non-overlapping internal domains

ethrbunny asked:

Im working on a situation where we have two ‘private’ domains that need to be handled by different name servers.

Users need to make queries from both domain A and B. The name servers from B do not trust A so I can’t refer. (They used to but ‘corporate policy has changed’). If the users point to B they won’t get the names from A and vv.

Is there a way to ‘reject’ a particular lookup so it will fall to another domain server? IE If I had ppl point to A for everything except a block of addresses that belong to B – is there a setup that would send these requests back so they would be tried on a secondary server?

My answer:

Define a zone for B which only forwards to B’s nameservers.

zone "B.example.com" {
    type forward;
    forward only;
    forwarders {;; };

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