Need help recovering files after mounting new volume

Fibericon asked:

So I used the guide in this answer to mount a new volume to /var/www:

Allowing apache to access multiple volumes under AWS

However, after doing it, my /var/www appears to have been cleaned out. I know the files all still exist, because running a quick df shows no change in the disk usage in the original volume (/dev/xvda1). Where can I find these files? I really need to get them back.

My answer:

Mounting a filesystem at a mount point hides any files that may be in that directory on the parent filesystem.

To resolve the issue, move your old files somewhere else temporarily and create a new empty directory to hold the mount point. Then move the files into the new filesystem.

sudo -i
mv /var/www /var/www.old
mkdir /var/www
mount /dev/xvd** /var/www
mv -v /var/www.old/* /var/www
rmdir /var/www.old

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