Can I create a network conflict with my router?

code-gijoe asked:

I moved to a new office (private office in a cowork space with no network guys at all) and I brought my own router to plug into the existing network.

The DHCP address range for the current network is: to 255

I plugged my router and configured to use router IP

It is set in DHCP mode so I’m in a different subnetwork.

Can this cause a network conflict? This morning they were blaming me for the issue that a couple of machine next to me did not have network connectivity.


I plugged the RJ45 cable to the WAN port of my router and let the office DHCP assign an IP after properly setting up my subnetwork.

My answer:

I presume you’re using some sort of cheap SOHO router. In this case you must plug its WAN port into the office network, and no other ports.

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