How to migrate from Fedora 19 to CentOS 6?

Jim Miller asked:

I’ve got a server happily running Fedora 19, but am thinking about living in a calmer, more stable, less bleeding-edge world and moving to CentOS 6. Is it possible to make this move in a straightforward way — just sorta run the CentOS installer over the Fedora installation, tweak a package here and there, and come away running CentOS? Or is this a hairy, unreasonable thing to even think about doing, and that starting over with a clean disk is, in the long term, faster and easier? Thanks!

My answer:

You’re talking about downgrading virtually everything on the system. Not to mention the slight incompatibilities throughout the system, starting with systemd and going onward. There is no reasonable way to “install” CentOS over Fedora 19. You’re going to have to do a clean installation.

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