How exactly do I connect my domain to my apache2 VPS?

Magnus Burton asked:

I followed a tutorial last night on how to create a virtual host on Apache and later connected my domain to it using DNS A records. Someone today, I can’t even connect to the domain as it says in Chrome that my domain could not be found.

All virtual host/DNS tutorials I’ve looked at have been muddy and unclear so I’m asking you – please point me to a great in depth tutorial on how to connect my domain to my VPS using virtual host and DNS A records (or if there’s a better way?) or write one here and I’d be so glad.

Thank you so much!

Here’s a picture of my DNS configuration on where I’ve bought my domain The IP to my VPS is

On my VPS IP Apache site ( I’ve made a subfolder called and under that, public_html. I’ve then started a virtual host (which I guess I did wrong) to listen for the domain ( and redirect that domain to the folder.

My answer:

Your domain’s nameservers are not correct in the registrar record.


As your screenshot shows, they should be:

Since your domain seems to be registered with PCExtreme, you will need to contact them to have this error corrected.

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