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xR34P3Rx asked:

Ok so i have a Linux server handling the DHCP, and FTP server i have and Network Shares. Then i have a Server (Windows R2) with just the AD. None of the client computers can connect to the Domain. The way i fixed this before, was the DHCP was on the Windows Server, back then when i had it on there. Today i moved the DHCP to the Linux computer and now, like stated before, clients cant connect. I want to know if moving the DHCP was the error? When using an AD, does the same computer have to run the DHCP? or is there something else thats not letting the clients connect?

Im subnetting my network:
Scope is /28
Range: (leaving as the Network, as the       Router/DNS/Default Gateway, as the broadcast address)
Server addresses:
rest are for clients, i am thinking of changing the ip of my linux server to 1.3, just to have them close together...

My answer:

OK, so the reason none of your Windows clients can talk to the domain is that you are serving them the wrong DNS server address from your DHCP server.

You need to provide the DNS addresses of the DNS server(s) in your AD domain. Which, in an installation this small, is almost certainly running on your domain controller. In particular, you should not hand out any DNS server address that isn’t a DNS server in the domain.

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