Load balanced nsupdate

Yossarian asked:

Does anybody know how to update a load balanced DNS entry on a BIND9 server using nsupdate?

Everything in DNS is setup and works, I can happily update my name server using nsupdate but I can’t find any syntax to allow me to add multiple endpoints to an entry.
For example, I have an entry such as:

www           IN A
              IN A
              IN A

The is going down for maintenance and I want to remove it from the DNS record in advance, I would like to run:

nsupdate [keys etc]
> server dns.example.com
> update delete www.example.com
> update add www.example.com 1 IN A A
> send
> quit

Obviously manually editing the DNS file works fine, but I’d like to do this over nsupdate. If anyone can provide a way of doing this I’d be very grateful, thanks.

My answer:

Just use multiple update add lines.

update add www.example.com 3600 IN A
update add www.example.com 3600 IN A

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