Reverse DNS lookup not resolving correctly

DataCorrupt asked:

I’ve been searching and searching for the answer and I can’t find it.

My problem is that all of my emails sent from my server are either going to spam folders or not being delivered. I am trying to apply for jobs, but I can’t do that if all of my emails are being sent to spam folders.

I have no idea how to fix this, and I can’t find answers.

I know that it is a reverse DNS issue because when it does the reverse DNS lookup it doesn’t find my domain name. I have a VPS through Corespace, the reverse lookup finds their site. I don’t know how to adjust that, do I need to contact them to have the IP point to my domain, or because there are a lot of domains pointing to that IP do I need to change my smtp information to reflect that address.

I don’t know what to do.

My answer:

Your VPS provider will control the reverse DNS for your server, and so you will need to contact them to make any changes to it.

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