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the-wabbit asked:

On a Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Session Host with the Desktop Experience feature enabled and the desktop wallpaper disabled, users wish to configure own color schemes and define an own desktop background color. However, I seem unable to find an easy way to change the desktop color via the GUI.

I would expect the settings to reside under Appearance settings -> Colors -> Advanced Appearance Settings but those are unavailable in Windows 8 and Server 2012. Is there a replacement GUI dialog for this or do I have the ability to allow users to create their own design schemes containing the appropriate desktop background color?

My answer:

Users can still change the desktop background color in Windows Server 2012. Note that you need to have Desktop Experience installed. You also have to allow users to change their colors and desktop background in Group Policy.

The way I did this was:

Open Control Panel. Under Appearance and Personalization, choose Change desktop background.

enter image description here

Choose the drop-down next to Picture location (which is confusing) and change it to Solid colors.

enter image description here

You can select some existing colors.

enter image description here

Or, click More at the bottom left, and you can select a custom color.

enter image description here

Voila! Now my desktop is UGLY, just the way I like it!

enter image description here

Or you can select some other folder with Browse if you want to select a background image from somewhere as a wallpaper.

enter image description here

However, this doesn’t complete the picture. As you can see, when I set a solid background color, the taskbar changed but my window borders didn’t change. I suspect this is a bug.

To actually override the color of the window decorations (and taskbar) do this:

Open Control Panel. Under Appearance and Personalization, choose Change the theme.

enter image description here

Near the bottom center, choose Color to change the color.

enter image description here

The first tile is Automatic and Windows will derive the colors from the desktop background wallpaper. (Assuming all the bugs are fixed.) Selecting any other tile will allow customization.

enter image description here

I think these are about the only real options users are going to have.

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