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Zoredache asked:

I want to detect if a 2012 server is has been setup as a Core install using WMI. An earlier question, would seem to indicate that I can get the OperatingSystemSKU from Win32_OperatingSystem. My Windows 2012 Core systems are reporting a OperatingSystemSKU of 7. The article from the other question would seem to indicate is a PRODUCT_STANDARD_SERVER, and if had a core install I should expect to see a value of 0x0000000D instead for PRODUCT_STANDARD_SERVER_CORE.

What am I missing here. I eventually want to create a policy and use item level targeting to only apply that policy to Windows 2012 Server Core installs.

PS C:\Users\zoredache\Documents> gwmi -Query "select OPeratingSystemSKU,Version,ProductType from Win32_OperatingSystem"

__GENUS            : 2
__CLASS            : Win32_OperatingSystem
__SUPERCLASS       :
__DYNASTY          :
__RELPATH          : [email protected]
__DERIVATION       : {}
__SERVER           :
__NAMESPACE        :
__PATH             :
OperatingSystemSKU : 7
ProductType        : 2
Version            : 6.2.9200

My answer:

Funny, that MSDN article you linked contained the answer:

PRODUCT_*_SERVER_CORE values are not returned in Windows Server 2012.

This is because Server 2012 can be freely converted between “Server Core” and “full” installation simply by adding or removing the appropriate features.

You will want to check for the presence or absence of those features (e.g. Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra, Server-Gui-Shell, Desktop-Experience).

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