add drivers during installation of ORACLE linux 5.7

Jackie asked:

How can I add driver for LSI 1068e raid when install oracle linux 5.7 ?because the install programe doesn’t contain the proper driver for LSI 1068e,it can’t see my local raid 1 managed by LSI 1068e.

My answer:

Use RHEL/CentOS 5.9 instead, which has device driver support for this card.

If for some reason you can’t use 5.9…

You can get the driver update disk directly from LSI. Look for LinuxMPT_SAS_RHEL5-6_SLES10-11_PH21-4.28.00.

This package is very large and includes source code and many binaries, among them will be a 1.44MB driver update disk image for RHEL 5 which you can provide during installation.

Note that these drivers are only guaranteed to work on RHEL/CentOS, and may not work with Oracle Linux due to its using a different kernel.

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