What cable do I require for SFF-8087 to SAS

AlexW asked:

I have a HP P410 and two 2.5″ SAS Drives, i want to connect both those SAS drives to one port. I know the cable for the P410 is a SFF-8087 and ive seen plenty of adapters searching, but alot of them go from SFF-8087 to 4 x SATA. I know I cant connect those sata cables to SAS, so not sure what i need here.

Can someone point me to a website or cable that has what i need?

Thanks for your time

My answer:

The connector you’re looking for, to plug into your SAS drives, is SFF-8482.

So you will shop for a cable with SFF-8087 on one end and (multiple) SFF-8482 on the other.

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