Using the CTRL – SCROLL LOCK key combination to cause a system dump

user57984 asked:

We have a Windows 2008 r2 server that we connect to via Remote Desktop Connection.

We want to use the “Crash on Ctrl-ScrollLock” key combination as described here (a vendor is asking us to send them memory dump):

The synopsis of the kb article is: “…you can generate a memory dump file by holding down the right CTRL key and pressing the SCROLL LOCK key two times.”

But, since it is VMWare session and we connect to it via RDC, it doesn’t want to take that keystroke combination (i.e. no dump is performed).

Does anyone have any ideas on how to send that key combination through RDC…or perhaps cause a dump to happen another way?

My answer:

You can’t.

This manual crash functionality is embedded in the PS/2 and USB keyboard drivers in Windows, and keystrokes originating from remote desktop connections never go anywhere near those drivers.

Thus, you can only trigger this manual crash from a directly attached keyboard.

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