Can 3.2 kernel KVM VMs run in a 2.6 kernel host

John Wang asked:

So I got a Redhat6.2 and going to install it on a new IBM x3650 m4 server. However I want use Debian because I’m more familier with it. Since x3650 doesn’t support Debian(I’ve tried but no luck), I plan to install Redhat6.2 as the base system and run multiple KVMs with Debian 7 in it.

Question: Redhat6.2 is the 2.6 kernel while Debian7 is kernel 3.2. So is it ok to run a 3.2 kernel vm in a 2.6 kernel host ?

My answer:

Works fine; I’ve run VMs up to kernel 3.9.x in a KVM virtual machine on an EL6.4 host. Make sure you actually are running the current update of RHEL rather than staying back at a previous service pack.

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