Can I install a Windows Server 2012 virtual server using Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012 with the same exact product key?

NinjaBomb asked:

I’ve read everything I can find online, but I cannot find a simple answer to this question.

I have Windows Server 2012 Standard installed using a volume license product key. The official product name is Windows Srv 2012 Standard MAK B in the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center. Can I use Hyper-V on that server to create a new virtual server running Windows Server 2012 Standard and use the same exact volume license product key to activate it? Simply put, can the physical server and the virtual server use the exact same product key?

My intuition says that it won’t work for some reason, but I haven’t found anything written in plain English that proves it won’t. I hope I’m wrong, and it would work!

My answer:

Yes. It’s a MAK, so you’re supposed to use the same product key, up to the number of allowed activations. See Microsoft’s Volume Licensing FAQ for the full details.

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