How to set up hosting on Heroku and email forwarders on a WHM (cPanel)?

silvenon asked:

I’m using DNSimple for managing my records, hosting my site at Heroku and I want to use a Linux WHM (cPanel) for managing emails forwarding.

Hosting works, but I’m having a hard time getting emails to work. Here are my (pseudo-)records:

Type    Name                TTL    Points to
ALIAS |      | 3600 |
CNAME |  | 3600 |
CNAME | | 600  | <WHM server IP address>
MX    |      | 600  | <WHM server IP address>
NS    |      | 3600 |
...   | ...               | ...  | ...
NS    |      | 3600 |

There are two more records, SOA and TXT, generated by DNSimple, but I don’t think those are relevant. When I add an A-record:

A | | 3600 | WHM server IP address

and change the mail CNAME and MX records to, emails start working, but then the hosting doesn’t work anymore.

Is this possible to achieve?

My answer:

You used a CNAME for the naked domain, which overrides any other record. I’m quite surprised DNSimple actually accepted this, since it’s not really a workable configuration.

The naked domain should point to a server which does nothing but send a 301 redirect to www. which is pointed at Heroku.

See Why does Heroku warn against “naked” domain names? for the reasons why this situation exists.

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