Site faster on 1 core/1GB ram than on 8 core/32GB ram wth?

xtra asked:

Both sites are US based.
I’m located in Europe. <==== site that loads tons faster on 1 core and 1gb ram ONLY (Cent OS VPS) <== site is located on my dedicated server with i7-3770 cpu and 32 gb ram (Windows) and is slow as hell

Even if faster site is on linux it shouldn’t make such a big difference in page load seriously. Does anyone know what could be a hiccup on the dedicated server? It’s just unbelievable to me that site loads faster on 1 core cpu than on dedicated server.

Note that site is pretty much only thing running on dedicated server. It has 1gbps connection.

My answer:

I just hit F12 in Google Chrome and loaded up your sites. This is what I learned:

Your dedicated server is much faster than your VPS. It returned all of its resources almost twice as fast as the VPS. The problem with your slow speed doesn’t lie there.

The problem is this:

You are loading some of your resources from, which loads fast, and a few of your resources from, which is occasionally slow. Unfortunately these are two completely different sites, and for some reason, occasionally the DNS lookup for is taking exactly five seconds to complete.

Worse, it appears the TTL on your DNS records is 30 seconds, so this is happening very frequently.

The problem, then, is not with the web servers, but with the DNS servers. It’s time to look into why some of your DNS requests take five seconds to return a response. Since it appears your DNS is hosted with CloudFlare, you should take the matter up with them.

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