AUFS missing in Redhat Fedora, is there an alternative way of stacking directories?

irishjava asked:

I can’t find Aufs in Redhat’s Fedora, or any other stackable filesystem for that matter.

It seems this is due to relabelling limitations of SELinux.

Is there a way to achieve similar without resorting to file/dir copy.

I have the following list of directories:


I want to present the following to the compiler*:


With AUFS, I could have achieved this with a couple of commands such as this:

mount -t aufs -o br=r:/proj/common/src/main/scala=r:/proj/integration/src/main/scala=r:/proj/mockfeedserver/src/main/scala=r:/proj/server/src/main/scala=r:/proj/foit/src/main/scala=r -o udba=reval none /tmp/foo/src/main/scala 

So that would have mounted /tmp/foo/src/main/scala as the composite of all the src/main/scala directories.

Great, but I’m on Fedora! In the absence of AUFS or UnionFS I can’t really see a way to achieve this. I’ve heard of mount rebinding before, can it help, or should I change my distribution?

My answer:

FunionFS is available both on Fedora and in Red Hat EPEL. The package name, of course, is funionfs.

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