Do I need to change the CNAME entries for moving a custom domain served blogger blog to another domain? (NOT changeing registrar, just DNS services)

Paralife asked:

Some customer has GoDaddy as registrar and as DNS services provider for some domain of theirs. They also have a blog at blogger for which they have setup the zone file to contain the required verification entries for the custom domain. We have decided that they will keep GoDaddy as registrar but we want to transfer the DNS service to our own servers. So I got the zone file and I setup the domain configuration in my servers. Before I tell their admin to change the nameservers at the registrar to point to my nameservers, I would like to know if the CNAME entries have to change:

Do I have to login to the blogger and redo the proccess for the custom domain or just copying the same CNAME entries will work?

My answer:

You don’t need to change anything. Google’s verification is tied to Google user accounts, not to nameservers.

I once verified several of my own sites at once, and found that the verification string was identical for all of them, demonstrating that it refers only to my Google account and nothing else.

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