Anybody seen this? Reboot loop when entering Audit Mode?

Ikarian asked:

We have a production system in place that requires users to enter Audit Mode a few times during a computer refurbishing process.

Most machines we get are in OOBE mode when we get them, and the current instruction is to Ctrl+Shift+F3 into audit mode to look up the vital stats on the machine before it is reimaged.

On a handful of HP desktop or all-in-ones, when they attempt to go into Audit Mode, the machine starts into a reboot loop. It will briefly show the desktop, but then reboot again and continue rebooting. I’m kind of at a loss on this one. Google was not very helpful – this seems to happen a lot when doing as sysprep and getting an error, but we’re not doing a sysprep on these machines. Any suggestions?

My answer:

If you’re just reimaging the machine anyway, I would suggest you ignore and work around it.

For instance, skip the boot into Windows step and boot WinPE instead to gather the information you’re looking for.

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