Postfix – RBL check behind relayhost

user1010 asked:

We are running a mail server which is responsible for a sub-domain (say, All the mails sent from Internet are received through our relayhost (mail server responsible for

I want to perform RBL/RHS checks in Postfix (v2.7.0) or any policy server before accepting the mail. All the client restrictions (reject_rbl_client, etc.) are of no use as our relayhost is a client for our mail server and RBL checks are not getting performed on source IP.

Is there any way to specify that RBL check should be done on source IP instead of our relayhost?

My answer:

Have the mail sent directly to your server, or do the RBL checks on the other server.

To send the mail directly to your server, just add appropriate MX records. For example:

dom1  IN  MX  0

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