what would be a better practice instead of chmod g+r /etc/shadow so I can use Unix user/group database for Jenkins authentication?

MauricioOtta asked:

I don’t want to run Jenkins as root, nor giving public access (or even group access) to /etc/shadow seems to a good idea.

as suggested by “Manage Jenkins” when selecting Linux user/group database:
“Either Jenkins needs to run as root or User ‘httpd’ needs to belong to group root and ‘chmod g+r /etc/shadow’ needs to be done to enable Jenkins to read /etc/shadow”

From a security stand point what would be the best practice while running Jenkins and still being able to perform some tasks as a super user (in case my jobs need that)

My answer:

A better practice would be to use the pwauth plugin, which lets you run jenkins as a non-root user, and only pwauth itself needs to be setuid root to perform the actual authentication.

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