Apache 2.4 service failed to start

ITGUY asked:

Apache 2.4 service start error.

I installed Apache 2.4 on windows 2008 R2 server. In the httpd.conf I added a directory configuration.

<Directory "M:">
      AllowOverride None
      Require all granted

Apache service failed to start. If I comment out the whole “Directory” block the service started no problem.

The M drive is the mapped network drive. the account used to start Apache service has been granted as logon as service, act as operating system.

The eventlogs error:

The apache service named reported the following error:  <Directory "M:"> is invalid.

Any help is appreciated.


My answer:

The Apache documentation warns that you should only use UNC paths in the configuration, and avoid attempting to use drive letters. If you must use a drive letter, append the / at the end, e.g. M:/.

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