DynDNS Not Accessible Outside of Local Network

James Valaitis asked:

I have an account with DynDNS and it forwards my IP address to james.dontexist.net
I have a ‘free’ account with DynDNS and cannot find whether this is the reason that the URL is ineffective outside of my local network.

The other possibility in my mind is a complex one. I have a main Virgin SuperHub which is connected to the cable and works as a wireless router as well as the modem. Connected to that is a Belkin router which is more powerful. This Belkin router is the router that is handling the port forwarding. Could this be the reason that it is not working properly?

The reason that I am not using the Virgin SuperHub for the portforwading is because it does not support DynDNS.

Any help with this would be amazing. I am extremely inexperienced with matters to do with servers and appreciate any help.

My answer:

Here is your problem:

james.dontexist.net has address

You’ve set up your dynamic DNS entry to point to a private RFC 1918 address. These addresses are not routable on the public Internet, so nobody outside your LAN would ever be able to reach you.

To resolve the issue, use your public Internet address (provided by your ISP) instead. And strongly consider using a dynamic DNS update client on one of your computers, to keep it up to date automatically, if your ISP ever changes it.

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