Process still running from a deleted chroot?

JJ Edgar VI asked:

so I come to you with a somewhat interesting problem.

I had a chroot running that had an entire lamp server installed and running on it. I tried to purge and remove the lamp server but messed up somewhere so I figured if I just go back and remove the whole directory that contains the chroot which had the lamp running on it. When I did so I went back and created a new chroot and tried to just reinstall lamp on it I got an error while intalling mysql-server and so I looked and apache2 is still running however it does not show up on any services of any user I sign in with.

How do I completely remove my lamp even though it was deleted with the entire chroot and it’s not in my files anywhere?

Best regards, JJ

My answer:

If you don’t want the process running, then just kill it.

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