Parted automatically adding a filesystem on mkpart

tubaguy50035 asked:

I created an ext4 file system on /dev/sda1 yesterday to test the drive before trying to add it to a RAID. It’s a 3 TB drive, so I’m trying to use parted to do all my partition stuff.

I’ve done an rm 1 and then print shows no partitions. If I then do mkpart primary 0% 100% (no file system specified), and then do print it shows the partition with an ext4 file system.

How can I remove the partition so that it also then removes the file system?

My answer:

Parted didn’t automatically create a filesystem; you created it.

When you deleted the partition, that’s the only thing you deleted. Deleting the partition doesn’t delete any of the data within the partition, so there’s still a valid ext4 filesystem there. Thus, when you recreate the partition and print the partition table, it can be clearly seen.

To resolve the issue, erase the hard drive or the partition, or simply create a new filesystem on the partition.

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