rpmbuild missing from rhel 6.3

Abruzzo Forte e Gentile asked:

I have a fresh new RHEL 6.3. I cannot access internet and because of this I cannot use yum. I would like to use the RPMs I get from the Red Hat package (2 discs full or RPMS).

These are all files .src.rpm. Once I issue a call to

rpm -vv -Uvh package.src.rpm

I can see the 2 folders


According to this I should expect also folders BUILDS, RPMS, etc..
and I should be able to call rpmbuild on the spec file.

I don’t have a rpmbuild tool installed and I don’t have the other folders mentioned in the URL.

Am I using the right rpm command or do I need some other tool?

My answer:

Before you continue, it would be a good idea to fix your Internet connectivity issues.

Anyway, rpmbuild is provided by the rpm-build package. Install that RPM (and any of its dependencies).

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