PuTTY Fatal Error dialog – Can it be suppressed?

jimp asked:

Nearly daily, I resume my computer to (correctly) find half a dozen or more dead PuTTY sessions left over from the previous day of administration. It’s usually easier to clear my stack by closing all the inactive terminals and opening new PuTTY terminals as needed.

However, because of a modal “PuTTY Fatal Error” dialog, I am unable to bulk-close the group from the Windows taskbar. I have to manually go through each one, close the dialog, then close the window.

enter image description here

Is there a PuTTY option to disable this dialog? The titlebar appends “(Inactive)” to the ended sessions, which is good enough for me. A bonus would be still having the “Are you sure you want to close this session?” dialog, if possible.

My answer:

I would log out before going home in the evening, rather than the next morning.

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