How to enable gzip for files not on your server?

4thSpace asked:

I’m running a report against my site. I get an F(41) for gzip compression. I don’t own the two problem files mentioned for this penality.

One file is a CSS on Mailchimp’s server. Another is a javascript file that can’t be gzipped compressed. When that JS file is compressed, it breaks on-page javascript calling into the file.

I can understand being penalized since I’m calling these files. But if I want to use Mailchimp and the JS file, does that mean I will always be penalized since there isn’t a way around these issues.

It’s likely my site would go from 85% (B) to an A if I could resolve the above two issues.

I did try moving the mailchimp file to Amazon S3 and enabling gzip. But for some reason, the browser is unable to GET the file with gzip enabled:

(from Google Chrome developer tools)
enter image description here

Any ideas why that happens with gzip?

My answer:

You can’t just go and change the configuration of someone else’s server. So unless MailChimp decides to start gzipping these files, there’s nothing you can do but complain to them until they do.

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