Can set a cookie that can be read by

Evan Plaice asked:

I simply cannot believe this is quite so hard to determine.

Even having read the RFCs, it’s not clear to me if a server at can set a cookie that can be read by can set a cookie whose Domain attribute is RFC 2965 seems to explicitly state that such a cookie will not be sent to, but then equally says that if you set, a dot is prepended, as if you said Taken together, this seems to say that if returns sets a cookie with, it doesn’t get that cookie back! That can’t be right.

Can anyone clarify what the rules really are?

My answer:

If the browser implements RFC 6265, which any modern browser should be doing at this point, then a cookie set for will have the leading dot ignored (section 5.2.3), and the cookie will then be sent to the naked domain and to all subdomains.

Don’t rely on this behavior if you have significant traffic from older browsers; this RFC only dates to 2011.

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