Server does not load WordPress – No HTML nor PHP Errors

rhand asked:

I just switched my Dreamhost WordPress site on my VPS from PHP 5.2 Fast CGI to 5.3 CGI. Somehow WordPress now refuses to load and shows a white screen of death on all WordPress pages. PHP Info and static HTML load just fine

I discussed some possible solutions with a support staff at Dreamhost, but no results as of yet. I have done the following:

  • I have switched to the Twentyeleven default theme
  • I have disabled all plugins using PHPMyAdmin.
  • I also created a phprc like this to log PHP errors, but none are loaded there at the moment.

PHP is loaded as I did verify that using a phpinfo() and it also showed my phprc is loaded as additional ini

When I load home I get an HTTP 200 and a white screen of death, but no errors whatsoever. How can I debug this further to fix this issue?


It was the caching plugin W3T Total Cache that was causing the issue. Once I removed some core files the site came back with the base theme and all plugins deactivated. Somehow the plugin was still causing major issue even when it was turned off. Perhaps there were still details left in the database

The reason why I did not see any PHP errors is not clear as of yet. I am still investigating this. Also got an XCache_get function error, but that is perhaps because the XCache is not part of the PHP 5.3 package.

My answer:

We see from your error log that your WordPress plugin is trying to call a function from XCache, but your new version of PHP doesn’t include XCache.

To resolve the issue, install XCache for the new version of PHP.

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