Where can I get krb5-libs & krb5-workstation ?

user165776 asked:

I have been searching for the following packages : krb5-libs & krb5-workstation, for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (i586). Unfortunately, I can’t find anything. Does someone have an idea where I could get these ?


My answer:

The packages you’ve named are Kerberos library packages for Red Hat systems.

One does not simply install Red Hat packages on SuSE.

While both distributions use the RPM package format, the similarities end there. Generally, the packages are not compatible between them. It’s a particularly bad idea to substitute core system packages from the wrong distribution, as the inevitable problems which arise (such as, in this case, no one being able to log in) will be unsupportable by either vendor.

As for your specific packages, it appears that the functionally equivalent packages on SuSE are named krb5 and krb5-client respectively.

If the person who wrote those instructions is available, you should have a long chat with him.

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