How to get more informatin regarding a Synology S.M.A.R.T error

csauve asked:

I have a 3TB Seagate Barracuda (ST3000DM001-9YN1) that is less than a year old, and my Synology DS1512+ is reporting it as “S.M.A.R.T. Status = Abnormal” and telling me to replace the drive.

While I appreciate that I am being warned about an impending drive failure, I need more information than that in order to file warranty claim against this hard drive. Is there any way to get more information about the specific problem that Synology has detected?

Output of smartctl –all /dev/hdb is here:

My answer:

Your drive overheated at some point in the past.

190 Airflow_Temperature_Cel 0x0022   061   038   045    Old_age   Always   In_the_past 39 (0 4 43 37 0)

Unfortunately it’s not possible to be 100% sure of the exact temperature that it reached, only that it was quite a bit beyond the vendor’s defined threshold. Though it’s most likely that the normalized values are simply 100 minus the raw value, making the threshold 55°C and the maximum temperature reached 62°C. (And the current temperature 39°C.)

You cannot “clear” this; it is permanent and will remain visible on the drive throughout the remainder of its life.

It also might not be covered under warranty, though you’ll have to check with the manufacturer to be sure. If it was the only drive in the box that overheated, and it’s also running at a much higher temperature than the other drives, then you might be able to make the case that something’s wrong with the drive.

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