Apache2: Dual Stack mode IPV6 / IPV4 for existing IPV4 hostings

Kevin Häfeli asked:

I’m planning to run my hostings in the IPV4/IPV6 dual stack mode for a lot of hostings / IPs. Short Apache example:



Listen [2607:ff50:0:21::2]:80
NameVirtualHost [2607:ff50:0:21::2]:80

VirtualHost config

<VirtualHost [2607:ff50:0:21::2]:80>

I think, that’s the common and recommended way.
But maybe you have some experience with the integration of IPV6 on existing hostings and know a better way?

for example to forward IPV6:80 with iptables to IPV4:80? or to use rinetd?


My answer:

That looks like a normal Apache dual-stack setup.

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