Chrome Flash Updates in a Domain environment

George asked:

One of the business critical applications for us is powered by Adobe Flash. Naturally, this comes with plenty of associated problems.

The company wide browser in use is Google Chrome. We run a Windows Server 2008 domain environment with Windows 7 clients.

The biggest problem we have is the very frequent roll-out of updates for Flash, and Chrome disables Flash until the update is performed.

Naturally, you can imagine my frustration as the Domain admin and I need to implement a long term solution.

Considering the following constraints:

  • Users obviously do not have local admin/power user rights to install software
  • We run a UTM firewall that blocks EXE files for users (for obvious reasons)
  • It would be impractical for me to make my way round every PC, every couple of days, manually updating Chrome’s flash plug in

How would it be best to automate these updates?

I imagine something like a Group Policy software installation policy, that runs on start up (to avoid restricted user perms), but any advice from more seasoned domain admins than myself would be gratefully received.

Thank you.

My answer:

Deploy the Google Chrome MSI through your usual software deployment process, turn off automatic updates using Google’s ADM/ADMX template, and then subscribe to the Chrome Releases blog so you will know when you need to deploy a new security update.

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