Systemd dependencies and boot order

Dylan Klomparens asked:

I need to specify a boot order for processes to start. I have 389 Directory Server and Samba running on Fedora 18. How can I have the network services boot, then 389 DS, then Samba? Is there a GUI to manage this in Fedora?

I have enabled Samba to start with systemctl enable smb.service. I have also enabled 389 DS with systemctl enable

My answer:

Do two things:

  1. Edit the /lib/systemd/system/smb.service unit file, to specify the dependency. The [unit] section contains an After= line which specifies what services/targets should be reached before this one. nmb.service winbind.service

    Change it to: nmb.service winbind.service
  2. Report this dependency back to Fedora as a bug, so that it can be incorporated in future releases.

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