How to mount an NFS share in a VM guest?

SomethingBetter asked:

We have a machine with Win7-x64 installed. On this machine, with VirtualBox, we’re running a guest Fedora-x64. We’ve defined an NFS share on this Fedora instance. Here is the entry in /etc/exports:


The ip address of the windows machine is,, the ip address of the Fedora guest is The networking mode of the VM is set to be bridged networking.

Now, from another linux box, when we ping the Fedora guest (, we get responses just fine. However, when we try to mount the nfs share, we get a “no route to host” error. The command we use is:

mount -t nfs /mnt/test

Just to make sure there are no iptables issues, on the fedora guest, we did:

service iptables stop

and re-tried to mount, to no avail.

Any ideas what might be wrong in our setup? All these machines are connected to each other through a hub. A linksys router is configured as a DHCP server, from which all the machines grab an ip address.


My answer:

/etc/exports expects an IP address, optionally followed by a CIDR or old-style netmask.

So you need to change it to one of:




(Hostnames can also be used, but that’s not relevant here.)

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