Testing after migrating LAMP install on CentOS 6

user160910 asked:

I copied the /var/www/html/site directory to a new server and all of the /etc/httpd conf files, installed the necessary Perl modules, php, and ran cat mysqldumpfile.sql |mysql db_name to import the last full db dump from the old server. I edited the links to the old IP and pointed it to the new, the old server is still running. I then connected to it at newIP/sitedir and it seemed to work. Clicking links seemed to all follow within the same url, newIP/site but I want to be sure that there are no references to the old IP or server name in the MySQL database. How can I be sure, without taking down the old site, that I have a successful migration and that nothing is pointing to the old one?

My answer:

grep the MySQL dump file for the old IP address and name? Quick and easy.

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