PuTTY alternatives to work faster and more efficiently – Windows

Mathias Asberg asked:

Using putty as my ssh client for my different servers.

I am far from that level that everything is in the spine which means I quite often need to Google for information on how I perform various actions.

My knowledge is pretty good so I usually know what I want to do and what it means, but to wear it all inside and out of the head will take several years, it is more or less like learning a new language.

As I sit here with putty, I think that there must be smarter alternative to this. Using putty is a bit like code in notepad, it works but it is certainly nowhere near the most efficient and smartest solution, so instead I use Aptana etc and can work x5 faster.

Are there any alternatives to putty that can help me to work faster and more efficiently?

Running windows and my servers run mostly CentOS and Debian

My answer:

Use a Linux desktop.

Every time I attempt to do something with PuTTY I am utterly frustrated by the constraints imposed on me, both by PuTTY and by Windows. If you have to manage Linux boxes, doing so from a Linux box gives you much more opportunity for better integration. The mouse works as expected, for instance, while it doesn’t in Windows. Transferring files is more straightforward. And so on…

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