FreeBSD, VirtIO, and Virtualbox

Raolin asked:

I have no experience with VirtIO drivers, and am trying to figure out if it’s possible to use them on this server.

The server is a FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE host and ZFS file system, with a Virtual Box-based Windows Server 2003 guest that’s used as a terminal server for ~10 users on average. The Windows guest currently uses the Virtualbox Intel 1gb NIC driver.

I can find very little documentation for VirtIO on FreeBSD, so it’s unclear to me if I can just install VirtIO drivers for windows, build the VirtIO kernel module (from ports?), reconfigure VirtualBox, and have everything just work.

Does anybody have experience with any kind of similar setup?

Update: I’m not sure I understand the downvote. My apologies if this was an inapropriate question for ServerFault.

My answer:

The virtio drivers are meant to provide paravirtualized hardware (acceleration) device drivers to virtual machine guests. As such, they are device drivers that are installed in the guest operating system, not on the host.

You can find the virtio drivers for Windows from the KVM web site.

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