Linux Server HDD Corrupted

Hassan Z asked:

Today I put my forum offline just before scheduled Cpanel backup. An hour later when I checked it says DATABASE error occured(or whatever the database error was) I logged into SSH and perform reboot. The server will not reboot sucessfully.
I contacted my host and they are saying: ”
Looks like the drive is corrupt, it is failing to boot and BIOS hangs when detecting the drive. We will have to replace the drive and install the OS again. “

I do have Secondary HDD where I used to save all the backups.

What should my next step be? I have other websites and a lot of data on that server… If I loose everything that means all attachments and everything is gone.

They have OnePortal thing where HOST is suggesting me to check what do I have on my secondaryHDD…

Can someone please suggest next steps

My answer:

You have the failed drive replaced, and then restore your backups. Pretty straightforward, if annoying.

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